Valentine’s Day Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Gift Roundup

Valentine’s Day Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Gift Roundup

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Here’s a little bit of Valentine’s Day fun with a gifts roundup for cryptocurrency and blockchain aficionados to go with your wine and cheese.


And guys, you might want to be very cautious or  very creative about mixing Valentine’s Day and cryptocurrency to stay out of serious trouble.


9 Actual Ways to Use Cryptocurrency on Valentine’s Day
So you’ve made some money in cryptocurrency? Not too shabby. You’ve seen the market skyrocket and plummet, only to soar yet again, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Maybe it’s time I spend some of my crypto earnings.” Maybe you’re even thinking you should spend some of your crypto on someone else, and this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do so. Who’s your cryptocurrency Valentine? Here are 9 actual ways you can use cryptocurrency on Valentine’s Day.


A piece of crypto-artwork sold for $1 million on Valentine’s Day
 The digital photo of a red rose sold to a group of 10 collectors who split the cost evenly in cryptocurrency. This is thought to be the highest price ever paid for virtual artwork. The project, called the Forever Rose, was produced by artist Kevin Abosch and GIFTO, virtual gifting platform on blockchain — a digital ledger. It’s the technology that supports cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but in this case, it’s hosting a digital picture.


How to make sure your love letter lasts forever? Put it on blockchain
Forgot to get a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart? There is still time to permanently etch your love on the blockchain. Building “smart contracts” on top of such ledgers is expected to disrupt everything from transportation and banking industries to government. But others have found ways to use it for love.


Engrave Your Love in the Blockchain
The Valentine Coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the equivalent of the love padlocks on bridges, except it is on the blockchain for eternity. Specially-designed to be customizable, we provide you a direct access to the blockchain where you’ll engrave your message for eternity.


How to Give Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency  Related  Gifts on Valentine’s Day
Here are some cryptocurrency gift ideas for Valentine’s day. This list includes things you can buy with crypto, ways to give crypto, and some crypto related gifts. To keep it simple each gift idea will have a short description and then a link to a page that describes how to do it.


Six Top St. Valentine’s Day gifts: Or How to Get Your Sweetheart Get Interested in Crypto
You are constantly thinking about cryptocurrency rates and you are excited about all the upcoming ICOs. You note blockchain as the technology of the future, but your sweetheart just can’t understand “what’s the big deal”? We propose you to celebrate February 14 with benefits and make it a day when the two most important parts of your life can finally find each other. The best gifts for St. Valentine’s Day, which will help your girlfriend share your passion for the world of cryptocurrency, are suggested below.


Author: Jenny Lee

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