Two key cryptocurrency charts worth viewing

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Two key cryptocurrency charts worth viewing

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There’s a wealth of data and cryptocurrency information available for traders, digital coin lovers and stats junkies. Today, we’re taking a look at two key charts that provide a different perspective on the markets compared with the standard big picture coin market capitalization charts, such as


Bitcoin volume by currency


Bitcoin volume by currencyA Bitcoin volume by currency chart in effect tells you which countries are the most-active in trading cryptocurrencies. The following chart from CryptoCompare provides a couple of interesting insights.


For example, 55.68% of trades are in Japanese yen, followed by 21.81% in US dollars. The Bitcoin/Tether (USDT) itself is the third-largest currency traded at 14.28% at the time of this chart (April 2). Together, the top three total 91.77% of the trading volume by currency.


The remainder of the coins include: South Korean Won (3.06%), Euro (3.05%), Vietnamese Dong (0.54), Polish Zlotny (0.17%), Canadian dollar (0.16%) and the British pound (0.15%).


Largest Bitcoin exchanges


If you’re looking to see which exchanges trade the largest volume of cryptocurrency, the following chart from CryptoCoinCharts provides a list of largest exchanges by total 24-hour cryptocurrency trading volume.


Largest exchanges by dollar volume


In the most recent 24-hour period (April 2), Hong Kong-based Bitfinex traded $626,401,518 of cryptocurrency or 24% of the total of 191 exchanges listed.


US-based Coinbase/GDAX traded $262,690,715 or 10% of volume while Kraken traded $248,704,558 (10%), South Korea’s Coinone $239,318,822 (9%), South Korea’s Bithumb $168,233,995 (6%), Japan’s Bitstamp $156,897,602 (6%), UK’s HitBTC $137,512,464 (5%), US-based Bittrex $109,362,085 (4%), Japan’s BitFlyer $87,918,502 (3%) and Japan’s Quoine $78,281,192 (3%), US Gemini $77,530,779 (3%) and virtual exchange BTC-e/WEX $69,645,152 (3%).


We’ve got our own Blockcoin Today coin market capitalization data, which has a different basket of information gathered from major exchanges around the world. Each of these resources gathers data from slightly different sources, providing a useful alternate set of cryptocurrency data.


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