Resource: Regulatory overview of 24 key crypto markets

Blockchain crypto and ICO regulations

Resource: Regulatory overview of 24 key crypto markets

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Blockchain, crypto and ICO regulationsThe law firm Chetcouti Cauchi Advocates, with offices in Malta, Cyprus, Zürich, Hong Kong, and London has produced a regulatory report and guide to 24 key cryptocurrency markets.

The report “Blockchain, Crypto and ICOs – A Legal Review of Leading Jurisdictions” reviews regulations for blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICOs in detail in 10 jurisdictions including Malta, Switzerland, Estonia, Gibraltar, USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Russia, and Thailand.

Included is a top-level look at the overall legal framework, registration process, general taxation rules, the environment for market participants, and future considerations including any plans for authorities to change or build on existing regulations. A top-level international comparison of regulatory conditions in over 20 counties is also provided to give a more general view for additional countries.


Key findings


Blockchain,, crypto and ICO regsThe report shows the differences between various countries and their approach to regulating blockchain technology in each market and ICOs in Malta, Gibraltar, Russia, and Thailand.

Australia and Estonia have revised their anti-money laundering regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and several jurisdictions including Singapore have developed sandbox solutions to assist startups and provide regulatory support in early-stage development.

Countries vary from Malta’s specific and comprehensively regulations for market participants to others such as Gibraltar which takes a lighter approach using principle-based regulations.


Jurisdiction data & comparisons


Blockchain crypto and ICOsThe report initially provides brief summaries of 24 key jurisdictions with useful data including governing regulatory authorities; a favorability assessment; regulatory format; key documents; topics of regulation; a summary; and most importantly the URL reference for regulatory guidelines.

Then, 10 jurisdictions are looked at in detail providing a valuable, in-depth guide and current status. Included in the data are the regulating body; key documents; launch date; supporting organizations; activities regulated; economic functions of tokens; regulations for ICOs and trading; license fees; taxation information; and current status report.

Blockchain crypto and ICOsPerhaps one of the more valuable items in the report is a full reference of online sources used in assembling the key jurisdiction data. Researchers, issuers, legal advisors and others will save countless hours with this reference alone.

The firm has committed to keeping the data up-to-date and you can obtain a free copy here.

Visuals courtesy of report authors