New Stormy Coin ICO plans to raise $20 million

Stormy Coin ICO

New Stormy Coin ICO plans to raise $20 million

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Stormy Coin ICOThe new Stormy Daniels ICO launched today after months in stealth mode. The new Stormy Coin plans to raise $20 million for the beleaguered porn star whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.


Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti said the new Stormy Coin will disrupt the Trump White House as well as the traditional approach to paying legal fees.


Michael Avenatti“We expect Americans will see the value of the Stormy Coin as a way to express their support for our campaign to get to the truth of the story as well as a token to purchase Make Stormy Great Again T-shirts and hats.”


Michael Cohen Coin?Interviewed on the way into Trump Tower in New York, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said, “The Stormy Coin is just another one of the sh*t coin tactics by the dozens of women who have had affairs with my BFF. We expect to see many more similar ICOs and crowd funding campaigns this year.”


The New York Post reported that the Cohen Coin is expected to launch anytime soon, with plans to raise $130,000.


DT Coin planned?The White House issued a statement saying that POTUS also plans to raise funds through a new David Dennison ICO:

“We plan to build the biggest, best, most expensive DD Coin, the world has ever seen. Proceeds will be used to add gold fixtures to the bathrooms in the West Wing, to build the Mexico wall and my new summer home in Moscow. We plan to make ICOs great again because we’re going to need some extra bitcoin,” the President said. “Our pre-ICO David Dennison campaign will make your hair stand up.”


The SEC plans to take a close look at the new ICOs to make sure they are currencies and not insecurities.


Published April 1, 2018