Giving Tuesday: 77% of crypto holders interested in donating to charity

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Giving Tuesday: 77% of crypto holders interested in donating to charity

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Giving TuesdayDespite the plunging values of many cryptocurrencies, a new survey conducted by Pollfish for WeTrust shows 77% of cryptocurrency holders are interested in making charitable donations.

With Thanksgiving shopping madness all wrapped up, Giving Tuesday is a time to reflect on contributing to others less fortunate.

It seems like cryptocurrency holders are more than willing to consider giving to others as the WeTrust research study shows.


Key findings on cryptocurrency donations


The WeTrust survey found several interesting insights of value to charities as well as donors, including:

  • WeTrust created WeTrust Spring63% donated to a charity in the past year.
  • 77% are interested in donating to a charity they support in cryptocurrency
  • 62% said charitable organizations should support cryptocurrency donations
  • 24% said they would be more likely to donate if they could contribute in cryptocurrency
  • 79% expressed interest in donating to a nonprofit or charity or had already done so.


Most popular charitable causes?


most popular charitable causesAmong the most popular causes were children’s issues (49%), homelessness (42%), hunger (41%), and animals (38%).

Of those surveyed, 54% believe it’s hard to find good charitable causes and 49% said there were too many causes to choose from.

The survey of 1000 adult cryptocurrency holders in the US was carried out between October 11-12.


WeTrust Spring created for crypto donations


WeTrust Spring created to encourage charitable donations cryptocurrencyWeTrust recently launched WeTrust Spring, a platform that allows social entrepreneurs and nonprofits to raise funds via cryptocurrencies.

Today on Giving Tuesday, WeTrust will match donations by anyone who donates Ethereum to one of the platform’s 18 current nonprofit partners.

WeTrust Spring charities include Open Library, The Lupus Foundation, Learning Equality, Rainforest Trust, Surgeons of Hope, and numerous other worthy causes.

We encourage BlockcoinToday readers to support these valuable causes with a cryptocurrency donation at the WeTrust Spring website. Kudos to WeTrust for creating a worthy program in itself.