Germany’s solarisBank launches cryptocurrency banking services

solarisBank cryptocurrency banking

Germany’s solarisBank launches cryptocurrency banking services

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solarisBank launches cryptocurrency banking servicesGermany’s solarisBank today launched cryptocurrency banking services designed specifically for cryptocurrency businesses and consumers.

The Berlin-headquartered digital bank is going against numerous mainstream banks who have prohibited consumers from buying cryptocurrency with credit and debit cards as well as cutting off banking services for businesses in the cryptocurrency market.

High demand for cryptocurrency banking services

solarisBank CEO Roland FolzIn a news release, Roland Folz, CEO of solarisBank, said: “There is high demand from the blockchain world for a licensed partner that forms the technological and regulatory bridge to traditional banking – as a technology company with a banking license we are the natural partner.”

Launched in March 2016, fintech solarisBank has extended its digital banking services to the international market.

“The fiat world is not about to dissolve. We are moving towards a hybrid future, in which the blockchain world still has to prove itself. However, we see the disruptive power of these business models and we want to help shape the future of this industry”, says Peter Grosskopf, CTO of solarisBank.

What cryptocurrency banking services are available?

solarisBank launches 'Blockchain Factory'solarisBank has created a ‘Blockchain Factory’ which provides a technology and regulatory bridge between banking and blockchain.

The ‘Blockchain Company Account’ is designed to meet the unique banking needs of blockchain companies.

A partnership with vPE Bank will enable institutional trading of cryptocurrencies.

The solarisBank ‘Automated Trust Account’ provides an automated escrow account for cryptocurrency marketplaces, making it easier for consumers to buy and sell fiat and cryptocurrency.

The digital bank expects to add debit card, cryptocurrency wallets, and other services for consumers and companies in the cryptocurrency marketplace in the future.