Ecoinmerce Aims to Become World’s First Decentralized and Tokenized Marketplace

Ecoinmerce Aims to Become World’s First Decentralized and Tokenized Marketplace

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Ecoinmerce Aims to Become World’s First Decentralized and Tokenized Marketplace


Will offer consumers and retailers a decentralized platform similar to Amazon and Alibaba


SINGAPORE, Feb. 08, 2018 — Imagine hopping on your computer to shop online. While looking around, you notice other consumers want to buy the same item. You band together and negotiate directly with the factory to get the product discounted up to 80% off MSRP. You place the order quickly and securely, then your items are drop shipped to everyone in your group.


Is this Amazon’s next project? Not quite.


Ecoinmerce, the world’s first decentralized and tokenized E-commerce marketplace, today announces it has begun preparation for their revolutionary blockchain platform, which aims to connect consumers and retailers in ways never seen before.


Once developed, the Ecoinmerce platform will allow users to buy as groups for higher discounts, auction goods to each other, and will feature daily deals at huge discounts. Users will also be incentivized to refer friends, share deals with social media followers, and write product reviews for any goods they’ve purchased.


For retailers, the platform will offer huge advantages over traditional E-commerce options. For starters, the cost of doing business on the platform will be as low as 0.1%, a fraction of what popular marketplaces including AmazonAlibaba, and eBay charge. Additionally, unlike the aforementioned platforms, all online stores will be 100% owned by the retailers.


Furthermore, retailers will be able to tokenize their store by launching Initial Coin Offerings directly on the Ecoinmerce platform. This will enable retailers to increase brand affinity, with loyal customers becoming early investors in their favorite projects. It will also deliver new revenue streams as retailers can sell their tokens alongside their products to maximize profit.


The project is headed by a slew of E-commerce, supply chain and product development veterans. During project development, Ecoinmerce is rapidly recruiting additional blockchain developers and building a strong marketing team to begin spreading brand awareness in a variety of industries.


“Cryptocurrency and decentralized platforms are paradigm-shifting technologies,” said Chief Marketing Officer Luke Lappala. “While many solutions have addressed problems in different industries, there are no projects tackling one of the most common online user experiences: online shopping. Ecoinmerce will expand the E-commerce ecosystem, providing easier and less expensive options for consumers, while offering more transparent and fair charges to retailers.”


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About Ecoinmerce

Founded in 2018, Ecoinmerce aims to be the world’s first decentralized E-commerce marketplace. Headed by a strong team of experts from the E-commerce, supply chain and product development industries, Ecoinmerce will revolutionize how retailers market products to consumers and how consumers purchase these goods. To learn more, please visit


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