Canadian cryptocurrency exchange robbed at gunpoint

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange robbed at gunpoint

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Security cameras captured would be robbers at Ottawa cryptocurrency exchange

Add robbery at gunpoint to the list of problems and challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges.


Ottawa, Canada exchange Canadian Bitcoins faced a brazen bitcoin robbery attempt last week when three gunmen burst into their office, tying up four staff.


Staff Sgt. Michael Haarbosch said the thieves tried to force staff to complete an anonymous bitcoin transaction. Meanwhile, a fifth staffer phoned police who arrived on the scene quickly as the thieves escaped without completing the virtual heist.


A 19-year-old male was captured after being chased down by police dogs while two other suspects remain at large. Workers in nearby offices were visibly shaken by the late-morning, daylight robbery.


Though online transactions continued uninterupted, the cryptocurrency exchange office did not reopen until four days later, no doubt with heightened security in place.


The takeaway for other cryptocurrency exchanges? Physical office security may be just as important as online security.


Photo: security footage photo courtesy Ottawa Citizen