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BLOCKCOIN Today is the authority for breaking news, research, insight and global trends in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Every Mon-Wed-Fri we publish the latest news including coverage of industry research and trends.


Our editorial team gathers the disruptive news that’s critical to industry leaders and presents it in a morning brief with analysis and links to the blockchain and digital currency intelligence you need to know.

Blockchain Business Cases


What are the latest blockchain business cases? We cover how industries are testing blockchain, innovating, saving money and using blockchain technology for competitive advantage.


Coin Market Cap Data


Our site has comprehensive Coin Market Cap Data drawn from leading global exchanges. We provide an archive of the latest industry research, education resources and information you can use to stay current about cryptocurrency.


How is the market reacting to the latest moves in cryptocurrency trading? What was the closing price of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, or more than 350 other cryptocurrencies? Check the BLOCKCOIN Market Cap Data page for current market information.


ICO News & Results


Want to know which Completed ICOs were the most successful and how much capital they raised? Which are the hottest Upcoming ICOs? Get the latest initial coin offering news and the inside track on what’s ahead.


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Implied Media Group, based in Rancho Mirage, CA publishes BLOCKCOIN Today as well as PaymentsNEXT and the Cashback Industry News. Publisher is Douglas G Hall and Managing Editor is Jeff Domansky who lead a team of writers, analysts and industry experts with valuable connections around the globe.


Get global blockchain and cryptocurrency news, designed for active traders, industry leaders, e-commerce specialists, retailers, startups, new fintech technologies, VCs and investors worldwide.


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