22 things to know about the 2018 Global Cryptocurrency Market Report

2018 Ibinex Global Cryptocurrency Market Report

22 things to know about the 2018 Global Cryptocurrency Market Report

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IbinexThe 2018 Global Cryptocurrency Market Report by Ibinex offers a comprehensive look at the current state of the global cryptocurrency industry. The report highlights key statistics, developments, innovations and other findings on the status of the international cryptocurrency market.

The report presents topical findings in key countries or regions while also examining the four major sectors of cryptocurrency, along with other aspects such as ICOs, the blockchain and regulations.

Also included is a look at key companies and players within the cryptocurrency market, providing an in-depth global view of cryptocurrency as of September 2018.


22 interesting cryptocurrency facts

We’ve highlighted 22 interesting cryptocurrency facts to give you a quick overview of the global cryptocurrency market.


Overall market stats


bitcoin trading averages $4 billion dailyThe overall cryptocurrency market is volatile and growth has been a roller coaster for investors.

  • The highest market cap of all cryptocurrencies was over $800 billion in January 2018 compared to February 2018 at approximately $417 billion.
  • Bitcoin is the dominant cryptocurrency with its dominance of the total market capitalization ranging from 94.3% in April 2013 to 40.1% in June 2018.
  • Only 4% of Bitcoin addresses own 96% of Bitcoin (a total of 2.9 million BTC).
  • Bitcoin has approximately 12,000 transactions per hour as of June 2018.
  • Bitcoin has permitted a total of 17 million (80%) of 21 million of its coins to be mined as of April 2018.


Cryptocurrency by country


There are big differences between countries when it comes to cryptocurrency awareness, knowledge, and intention to buy.

  • Cryptocurrency awareness: Korea (87%), Japan (83%), Great Britain and Germany (77%), US (74%), China (72%), India (63%), and Brazil (61%). Overall average awareness was 72%.
  • Cryptocurrency knowledge: Japan (61%), Korea (60%), Germany (58%), Great Britain (53%), US (47%), India (40%), Brazil (39%), and China (36%). Overall average knowledge was 49%.
  • Cryptocurrency ownership: Japan (11%), Great Britain and US (9%), India (7%), Korea, Germany and Brazil (6%), and China (3%).
  • Cryptocurrency intention to buy: India (6%), US, Great Britain and Brazil (5%), China and Germany (4%), Japan (3%), and Korea (2%).
  • Global trading volume: Japan (40-60%), South Korea (12%),


Cryptocurrency ownership

Cryptocurrency ownership by country

Cryptocurrency ownership stats provide a snapshot of who owns digital currencies.

  • Cryptocurrency ownership by continent includes Europe (39.9%), the Americas (35.8%), Asia (18.2%), Africa) 4.1%), and Oceania (2%).
  • 86.9% of males and 13.1% of females on cryptocurrency.
  • Ownership demographics: 25-34 years (38.2%), 35-44 years (25.5%), 18-24 years (15.3%), 45-54 years (13.1%), 55-64 years (5.2%), and 65 years plus (2.7%).


Interesting cryptocurrency comparisons


The Ibinex report contains a wide range of interesting facts on digital currencies.

  • At its April 2018 market cap of $300 billion, Bitcoin’s market cap is larger than 97% of S&P 500 companies.
  • The crypto gain in market cap and valuation from the beginning to the end of 2017 saw a rise of 3,300%.
  • Over 80% of ICOs are scams.
  • 9 countries have launched or are planning to launch national cryptocurrencies including Russia, Iceland, Spain, Germany and Israel.
  • 99 countries allow bitcoin transactions to take place without restriction.
  • Since January 2017, Ripple (XRP) has grown by 17,500% in USD value.


Blockchain facts


Blockchain adoption is a critical component in the global cryptocurrency market research report.

  • By 2021, the blockchain technology market will be worth $2.31 billion.
  • 36% of financial executives said their companies will make blockchain technology investments in the next three years.
  • 57% of large corporations are considering the use of blockchain technology.


This report is a substantial resource and source for data. You can review the entire 147-page Ibinex 2018 Global Cryptocurrency Market Report here.