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The Latest Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

Altcoins are a gamble

Altcoins? Forget it. Bet on bitcoin says Bogart

According to VC Spencer Bogart, investors should forget about altcoins and focus on bitcoin. In a CNBC interview, he said the growing number of use cases for bitcoin shows increased potential. One indicator is that most major...

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regulators winning

Tom Lee: ‘Adult Supervision’ coming to cryptocurrency soon

Fundstrat cryptocurrency analyst Tom Lee says recent news headlines about government investigations around ICOs and price manipulation signal the arrival of regulations for cryptocurrency on the horizon. Negative news stories about ICOs and cryptocurrency scams have pushed...

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Online scams a sad sign of the cryptocurrency times

Today, Bloomberg published an article that shows just how challenging it is for business reporters covering cryptocurrency. The story features a look by Bloomberg business reporters Olga Kharif and Lily Katz and how cryptocurrency scams targeted them personally and...

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